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Gel Nail Treatments

Gel Polish Nails and Builder Gel nails are an ideal treatment for anyone who wants a manicure that lasts and doesn't chip. 

They are perfect after having acrylic enhancements removed and they are also great for someone that needs protection on their nails to help them grow long and healthy.

This product is absolutely brilliant for nail bitters as it allows your nails to grow whilst nourishing the natural nail which means nice healthy "your own" natural nails!!!
There will be no damage to your nails during application. A base coat, 2-3 layers of colour and a protective top coat are applied to give you a perfect finish. Also available are full cover gel nail extensions all the gel benefits with added length for your nails.  Gone are the days of rushed thick and obviously fake nail extensions

Get gorgeous Gel Nails in Yelden, Bedford.

Express Gel Nails

Express Gel Manicure

Starts with a full cuticle removal treatment to prepare the nail bed for gel application using the best Navy Professional tools, the nail is then shaped and buffed and the perfect Gel polish is used to complete the look. Nail art also available
£28 Gel polish         

Deluxe Gel Manicure

A full mot to pamper your hands leaving them feeling soft, hydrated and beautifully polished. We will use a hand scrub, hand balm and masque to treat the skin on the hands. Lots of colour options for Gel Nails.

£33 Gel polish   


Gel Nail Extensions

A new system in nail extensions combining the best of many different techniques. A full cover gel tip is used to extend the nail, they are thin, light weight and very natural feeling. These tips are perfect for a special occasion when you would like more length and they also allow the nails to grow underneath so you can then go on to use builder gel over your natural nails. Lasts up to 4 weeks, can be infilled once

£50 full set  Nail art also available

Image by Rune Enstad

Express Gel Pedicure

A quick fix to  perfectly polished and preened toes. The nails are shaped, cuticles are fully prepped and the perfect Gel polish applied £22
£35 with Elim Heel Peel


Deluxe Elim Pedicure with Gel Polish

The ultimate relaxing foot transformation leaving your feet feeling soft, refreshed and cared for. Traditional methods of hard skin removal such as filing, blading and harsh granular exfoliants offer short term solutions but not long term results and can cause callouses to actually grow back thicker. Alkaline peeling offers a safer more efficient alternative. Suitable for diabetics.

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