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Natural Nail Treatments

Natural nail manicures are making a big comeback. We have reviewed the way we approach nail treatments focussing on making sure we not only will give clients results that are second to none but are also educating through homecare advice to continue the journey to wonderful nails at home. Through our experience we have thoughtfully developed a relaxing and therapeutic service for nail treatments that will change the way you see nails.

The main focus of natural nail care at The Garden Room being on strengthening the natural nails results in beautiful healthy nail beds and hands. This nourishing treatment, which can also be used when doing a pedicure, it helps protect your nails and cuticles, and prevent cracks, splits and yellowing.


Express Manicure

Flagstone Rush

Ideal for a quick tidy up when your short on time. Nails will be shaped, cuticles tidied and finished with either a clear nail strengthener Orly polish, or buffed for a natural finish. 

Deluxe Manicure

A full facial for your hands and nails including a scrub to remove dry skin, dark spot correcting serum application, rejuvenating hand massage to relax tight muscles leaving hands feeling soft, hydrated and beautifully polished with adequate spf protection.


Express Gel Pedicure

Express Pedicure

A quick fix for perfectly polished and preened toes. The nails are shaped, cuticles are prepped and the perfect Orly polish applied for a flawless finish.

£35 with Elim Heel Peel treatment


Elim Deluxe Pedicure

The ultimate relaxing foot transformation leaving your feet feeling soft, refreshed and cared for. Traditional methods of hard skin removal such as filing, blading and harsh granular exfoliants offer short term solutions but not long term results and can cause callouses to actually grow back thicker. Alkaline peeling offers a safer more efficient alternative. Suitable for diabetics £45

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